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Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has launched a new safety system for wheel loaders that alerts the operator with audible and visual signals and automatically applies the service brakes if the machine is at risk of reversing into a person or object

Volvo CE introduces Collision Mitigation System for jobsite safety 1The Collision Mitigation System will begin breaking for 2-3 seconds after detecting an obstacle prior to collision. (Image Source: Volvo CE)

The company builds safety into each design element of its machines and is constantly developing intelligent systems to help ensure operators and other site staff go home happy and healthy at the end of a productive shift. 

Its latest innovation is a Collision Mitigation System (CMS) for wheel loaders, which is the first of its kind from any OEM. Combining a Radar Detect System with Reverse By Braking (RBB) and Volvo Co-Pilot, the CMS is an automatic braking feature that supports operator response and helps reduce the risk or consequences of collision when working in reverse.

Stay safe, save time and save money

With wheel loaders driving an average of 40-50% of their time in reverse, this technology will prove a valuable solution to help operators and site managers improve safety for all, while reducing productivity-draining interruptions or costly machine damage caused by avoidable knocks and bumps.

No matter whether in gear or neutral, when the wheel loader is reversing at speeds of 3-15km/h, the CMS identifies collision risks and responds by automatically activating the brakes for 2-3 seconds to slow the machine down prior to impact or bring it to a stop to avoid it. 

Operators also receive an audible and visual alert on the Volvo Co-Pilot screen, drawing their attention to the risk and prompting them to take action, as they still have full responsibility for their machine.

Intelligent technologyvolvo ce introduces collision mitigation system for jobsite safety 03

For seamless stockpiling operations, the system has smart software that detects slopes or objects present at the moment of driving past them forwards, so as not to mistakenly consider them as an object of collision risk while reversing in the same direction. This enables the system to work with little disturbance while stockpiling or driving close by to walls, for example.

It detects both stationary and moving objects and can be temporarily deactivated if required for certain site conditions.

The Collision Mitigation System is now available on new wheel loader models L150H to L260H in Africa.

Contact your local dealer for more information.