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The intelligent power management company has announced it will expand its collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate applications of its Energy Aware uninterruptible power system technology 

eaton energy aware system new look Apr2022The collaboration will advance the energy transition. (Image Source: Eaton)

A key element of the two companies' strategic framework agreement is the inclusion of Eaton's EnergyAware UPS technology in a number of Microsoft projects. 

The primary function of the uninterruptible power system is to provide backup power protection for mission critical applications and facilities, protecting the sites from grid outages or power quality issues. 

Eaton and Microsoft have previously optimised their partnership by adding a number of digital capabilities to the UPS, allowing it to be used as a distributed energy resource (DER) to support grid networks with high levels of variable renewable energy generation. 

These developments will allow for the next generation of 'grid-interactive' data centers, least of all those operated by Microsoft. Enabling the grid to become more flexible will allow centers to monetise underutilised assets, such as providing energy storage and supplying fast frequency response services grid operators need as renewable capacity increases. 

Craig McDonnell, senior vice-president and general manager of the Energy Transition and Digital division at Eaton, said, “A grid-interactive UPS helps decarbonise energy at grid level which means that its sustainability benefit extends beyond the data center. This changes the game in terms of energy management within the data center’s overall environmental impact profile.”