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Welland Power specialises in export, shipping around 2000 units per year from 10-2500kVA

welland power queens award image 1Welland Power build all generators in house, fabricating bases, canopies and control panels on the premises. (Image source: Welland Power)

Welland Power, the UK generator manufacturer, has been awarded a Queens Award for International Trade. Producing a range of diesel generators, predominantly Perkins Powered, Welland Power has grown rapidly in the last few years cumulating with the Queens Award presentation.

Managing director Charlie Farrow said, “It’s an important day in the history of Welland Power. We will be celebrating our 70th year in 2020 and this is the most prestigious of awards. It allows us to use the publicity that is attached to invest further in our strong brand and push into new markets while expanding in existing regions.”

While Welland Power is known for its export, they also have a sister business, Regency Power Generation which specialises in UK generator projects. These projects can be small installations to datacentre refits and this breadth of the customer allows us to meet the customers need in even the most advanced applications.

Welland Power builds all our generators in house, fabricating bases, canopies and control panels on the premises. An on-site power-coating and painting facility finish the steelwork in a range of specifications to suit customer demand and by removing the high cost of transportation, Welland Power can meet the price points to compete with even cheaper countries generator production facilities.

Situated just 20 miles from the Perkins factory in Peterborough and 25 miles from the UK Stamford alternator manufacturing plant, Welland Power is based in an area that has always been closely tied with power generation.

Welland Power employs 32 staff in a 92,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Spalding, Lincolnshire. John Farrow, former managing director of the family-owned firm commented, “It's great to see the success that has come after passing the business onto my Son Charlie. The hard work and commitment to the business he puts in, following my years of dedication have been key in achieving this award and making the business the modern manufacturing business it is today.”

For more information, please visit Welland Power