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Faymonville offers three-in-one solution with ModulMAX AP-M

The ModulMAX AP-M can be combined with conventional 3,000 mm wide Faymonville ModulMAX modules and other brands. (Image source: Faymonville)

Boasting up to 1,270 kN of traction force from one Powerpack Unit, Faymonville’s new ModulMAX AP-M stands for a modular trailer that combines the supporting assist mode with the self-propelled mode and the classic trailer mode

It offers an important advantage to operators as the motorised axles of the modules can be engaged and disengaged at any speed so that drivers don’t need to stop the convoy for this manoeuvre. 

Additionally, all the motorised axles have powerful and above all homologated brakes. Up to 10 driven axles can be used in the High-Torque-version. 

The modules build up on a dual-link patented suspension system offering a better spread of the forces and bending moments. Its strengths are highlighted by the stroke of 650 mm and 45 tons payload capacity per axle line. 

The ModulMAX AP-M offers seamless interoperability and can be combined with conventional 3,000 mm wide Faymonville ModulMAX modules and other brands. Users can couple it also with common equipment such as lowbeds, spacers, drawbars etc.

There are three different versions depending the application fields of the operator:

Endurance: For on-road long distance heavy-duty transports where it is important to assist the tractors with a constant pulling force at high speed

Standard: For universal heavy-duty transports and an approximate 20/80 ratio between on-road and in-site missions. This version allows a perfect combination between pulling force and working speed

High Torque: For heavy-duty transport missions when it is necessary to get a high pulling force and an assist speed of 15km/h is sufficient.

To learn more about the ModulMAX AP-M, watch the video provided by Faymonville here.