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Faymonville releases wind turbine blade adapter

Universal dolly trainer combination with transport device for rotor blades. (Image source: Faymonville)

Faymonville’s new self-steerting trailer allows for rotor blades with a length 80 to 120 metres to be transported with maximum maneuverability 

Wind turbines are becoming more powerful and are continuing to use larger blaes as the wind industry continues to play a key role in the expansion of renewable energy. This release from Faymonville aims to mitigate some of the challenges posed by transporting larger equipment. 

Rotor blade transport with a self-steering trailer significantly increases agility compared to extendable vehicles. With lifting capacity of 30 tons, the turbine blade adapter from Faymonville is designed today for the rotor blade weights of tomorrow. Depending on the configuration, a stroke of up to 1,700 mm is possible for tackling obstacles during transport.

Unique features of the wind turbine blade adapter

-30 ton lifting capacity 

-1,700 mm stroke

-1 universal basic design

-Mechanically expandable for use with dolly.

Each blade manufacturer uses its own transport cradles. Their dimensions and connection points sometimes differ considerably. Faymonville offers a flexible solution here with a universal interface.

The Faymonville transport system can be coupled quickly and easily to the tractor using 4 pins. This wind turbine blade adapter from Faymonville is available for the product series FlexMAX, ModulMAX and CombiMAX.