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Moroccan ports to receive US$8bn to improve infrastructure

The Moroccan Transport Ministry has revealed that the country’s Tanger-Med and Casablanca ports are likely to receive investment worth US$8bn to improve their infrastructure

Aziz Rabbah, minister of equipment, transport and logistics, said that Moroccan port authorities are allowing public-private partnerships to increase investments in the country’s ports.

In particular, the US$8bn investment would be directed to the ports of Tanger-Med and Casablanca. A third container terminal with new cranes and rubber tyre gantries will be added to the port of Casablanca, said government authorities.

Rachid Hadi, general manager of Casablanca Port for operator Marsa Maroc, said, “This investment will not only deliver a productivity boost from new equipment at container Terminal 3 such as cranes and RTGs, but will help renew and upgrade operations across the whole port.”

In the meantime, Moroccan ports could also benefit from cargo being diverted from Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea and Sierra Leone, due to the spread of the Ebola virus.