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Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has provided a suite of solutions to help businesses boost productivity, reduce costs and lessen the environmental impact of their operations

Volvo Construction Solutions digitalisationVolvo CE offers affordable digital solutions tailored to different budgets. (Image source: Volvo CE)

In the fast-paced worlds of construction, quarrying and mining, achieving peak efficiency is crucial. In order to stay ahead of this market and the competition, businesses are increasingly turning to digitalisation for transformative results. Volvo CE has identified key steps for organisations to pursue in order to stay on track for their digitalisation journey:

• Step 1: Insight – Digital transformation begins with insight into current performance and identifying areas for improvement. Through advanced digital tools, Volvo Site Solutions enables customers to establish a performance baseline and uncover untapped efficiency gains. With data-driven decision-making, improvement becomes a targeted and achievable goal.

• Step 2: Analyse– Explore the potential of operations using Volvo CE's digital twin technology Site Simulation. Test various scenarios, evaluate outcomes, and make informed decisions without risking real-world consequences. Enhance site layouts, fleet configurations, and performance targets through risk-free simulations.

• Step 3: Improve– Digitalisation is not just about technology – it's about empowering teams. Equip operators with cutting-edge digital tools that enhance performance and provide site managers with valuable insights. Foster collaboration, achieve sustainable results, and unleash the true potential of the workforce.

• Step 4: Sustain– Sustainability lies at the heart of Volvo CE's digital solutions. Embrace ongoing monitoring, analysis, and partnership to nurture continuous improvement. Never settle for less – identify new opportunities, customise solutions, and create a circular approach to progress.

Cost-effective technologies for Africa

Contrary to popular belief, digitalisation does not need to break the bank. Volvo CE offers affordable digital solutions tailored to different budgets. With subscription-based models, businesses can embark on their digital journey without large upfront investments. These cost-effective solutions include:

• Performance Indicator: Real-time monitoring of production volume, payload utilisation, and fuel efficiency for instant performance optimisation and paperless operations.

• Connected Map: Enhance safety and optimise traffic flow with real-time visibility of the site for operators and management.

• Task Manager: Streamline coordination by connecting people, machines, and projects, ensuring efficient communication and real-time status updates.

• Connected Load Out: Digitise order and load ticket management, increasing control, efficiency and accuracy during the load-out process.

• ActiveCare: Boost uptime by fixing simple maintenance issues before they turn into serious and expensive problems. Get five years free remote machine monitoring and error code diagnosis for heavy machines working in quarrying and mining.

Contact your local Volvo dealer to embrace the future, embark on a transformational journey with Volvo CE and unlock the true potential of your operations.