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Zest WEG launches new motor assembly line with a local focus

The new motor assembly line is a big additon to sustainability and the local economy (Image Source: Zest WEG)

Zest WEG has made another advance in sustainability and local economic impact with their new assembly line for its low voltage (LV) premium efficiency WEG IE3 electric motors

CEO of Zest WEG, Eduardo Werninghaus, said, “As a Level 1 B-BBEE company, our commitment to transformation includes continuous promotion of local manufacture. Our focus on premium efficiency IE3 motors is also significant as it helps drive energy efficiency – a key sustainability goal for mines and other industries.”

Werninghaus goes on to say the addition of the new facility is an important contribution to local manufacturing capacity in South Africa. It improves flexibility in the company’s electric motor supply chain, and ensures prompt delivery times for customers.

As with any manufacturing and assembly operation, record keeping is an important cornerstone. The panel is therefore synchronised with the advanced WEG manufacturing facilities in Brazil, for complete and accurate record tracking and evaluation. Each motor undergoes routine testing which includes winding resistance tests, accessories tests, insulation resistance tests and no-load tests.

"Further ensuring operational efficiency, the line was capacitated with state-of-the-art equipment including a heating and greasing facility as well as rotor assembly C-hooks. In addition, and most importantly, the assembly line has been engineered to allow multiple shifts to be worked should it become necessary to increase capacity and output. This type of future-proofing to accommodate market demands is in line with Zest WEG’s commitment to its customers,” commented Sindi Mbhalati, operations executive at Zest WEG.

The facility has created several new jobs within the business. Most of the new employees are dedicated to the W22 motor assembly line, while some others are shared with the company’s various production lines.

“To ensure the highest quality standards in the assembly process, Zest WEG put our new staff through extensive technical and process training relevant to the new line,” Mbhalati said. “This included in-depth product and component training, as well as the operation of the specialised test panel.”

Werninghaus highlighted that mines are always looking for opportunities to promote local supply chains in line with the Mining Charter, and also to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. With 65% of industrial energy worldwide consumed by motors, Zest WEG’s global corporate strategy aims to use resources responsibly and to create fewer emissions.